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Pregnancy Pain Defense Course: Lower Body Villains Edition

A self-paced course aimed at helping women achieve a pregnancy free from debilitating pain, and teaching them pain relieving techniques to combat the infamous Upper Body Bullies.

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What's Included:

What you'll get:

  • An intro to the lower body villains, Linda Low Back Pain, Sally Sciatica, and Peggy Pubis.

  • Instructional videos of Dr. Brandie demonstrating pain relieving techniques used regularly in her prenatal practice specific for the lower body baddies so you can eliminate your pains at home.

  • Guides on what to stop doing and what to do instead to help keep these villains at bay.

  • Bonus digital downloads for the lower body course include Dr. Brandie's Maternity Leave Planner, Symptom Tracker, and Hospital Back Checklist.

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