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The Top Three Reasons Your Pregnancy Hurts

Join Dr. Brandie to uncover the FIVE unexpected reasons why you are experiencing pregnancy pain.

You deserve to know more about pregnancy pain.

What You Don’t Expect When You’re Expecting 

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Grab one of Dr. Brandie's books and start taking back the joy in your pregnancy and fourth trimester. What You Don't Expect When Your Expecting and Why Does My Kitty Still Hurt are designed to be a light and playful self-help guides to eliminating unwanted, common pains. Dr. Brandie has helped thousands of patients in her private practice near Philadelphia, but delivers natural and fun education to women everywhere through her books, courses, digital downloads, and more.

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Meet the Villains of Pregnancy

These baddies are wreaking havoc in your body during, and after, pregnancy. They are Rebecca Rib Pain, Linda Low Back Pain, Helen Headache, Wendy Wrist Pain, Sally Sciatica, and Peggy Pubis.

Defeat the Villains