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Dr. Brandie has made it her life’s mission to globally disrupt the prenatal care status quo. She strives to champion her patients and women worldwide through their pregnancy journeys with fierce advocacy. She’s not only out to influence change, she exists to put an end to the notion that women are supposed to accept pain as the norm and keep on going.

Meet Bruno


Bruno joined forces with Dr. Brandie in 2018 shortly after his arrival to Ea-rth when he was just 12 weeks old.  Chosen for his impressive ears, he is always on alert for any hint of the Villains of Pregnancy and barks impressively in an attempt sound the alarm on ways they can attack.  Sometimes he confuses squirrels or deer on Dr. B's property as the Villains but we all can't be perfect.  Bruno, affectionately known as "Beef" by Dr. B and her kids because he weighs in at a solid 28 thiccc pounds, spends most of his days supervising Dr. B working at her desk or wandering the house hoping to be fed a bite of Dr. B's daily PBJ.

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Over the course of her career, which includes decades of clinical experience between her work as a paramedic, her chiropractic education, her work as a sports chiropractor, and the opening of her own practice, Experience Chiropractic, she discovered a glaring and industry-wide need for improvement in the care of expectant mothers. This experience coupled with her own pregnancy trials lit a fire within Dr. Brandie, inspiring her to open a prenatal division within her practice, Bloom @ Experience Chiropractic.

Dr. Brandie’s prenatal practice offers a combination of her extensive prenatal training and her sports medicine expertise. She was certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association in 2002 for the specialized treatment of children and pregnant women. She also carefully curated her own prenatal standard of care; The Bloom Philosophy™, of which all Bloom doctors are practitioners.

Today, The Bloom Philosophy™ is changing prenatal care worldwide. It's the heart and soul of Dr. Brandie’s groundbreaking book, “What You Don't Expect When You're Expecting”; a down-to-earth, entertaining self-help book that introduces “The Villains of Pregnancy” and reads like a letter from your best friend. It’s also the backbone of Dr. Brandie's online courses aimed at helping patients achieve a pregnancy free from debilitating pain.

Dr. Brandie isn't just a gifted visionary. Her attention to elevating everything she's a part of has resulted in awards such as the High Honor of Clinical Excellence Award from Cleveland University-Kansas City, 2020 President’s Award for Service Chair for The Pediatric Group, Publishers Award for MainLine Parent, PCA Presidents 2020 Service Award, the MainLine Parent Love Award, and most recently, The U.S. SBA’s Eastern PA District Office 2023 Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year.

Dr. Brandie credits her two children as the catalysts for her meaningful career in chiropractic. With one kid suffering an injury and the other facing intense health risks in utero that prohibited Dr. Brandie from working, chiropractic care became the solution that she never saw coming. Their inspiration has been a profound driving force ever since.

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